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    ISO is focused on the development and use of technology to drive efficient and effective business practices throughout its operations. The company has a history of building and implementing leading edge technologies; from complete Stevedoring solutions to innovative use of mobile devices, wifi technologies and telecoms networks.

    Recent implementations include solutions for Stevedoring, Log and Lumber Marshalling and Resource management.

    The ISO Technology Group comprises two teams - IT Operations and IT Solutions.

    The IT Operations team focus on the development and maintenance of ISO’s technology infrastructure. Their mission is to drive technology innovation throughout ISO to help significantly improve operational effectiveness. They provide 24 x 7 IT coverage for all ISO operations and are responsible for the implementation of new technology solutions.

    The IT Solutions team focus on the design and development of new software solutions for ISO's operations groups. Their purpose is to help identify and build new solutions which redefine the work environment to radically improve business efficiency, user experience and customer interaction. Operating within a Microsoft development and dataserver ecosystem, the team includes dedicated business analysis, interface design, code development for both and WPF environments, SQL development and management and report development using Reporting Services for SQL.

    The use and continuous innovation of technology is critical for ISO.



    ISO has a proud history of stevedoring on the New Zealand waterfront and is rated as an industry leader in all aspects of cargo handling. We safely and efficiently manage millions of tonnes of cargo each year onto and off hundreds of vessels throughout New Zealand.

    ISO Stevedoring utilises its proprietary state of art IT system named Stowage Handling Inventory Planning system (SHIPsys™). This technology was first implemented on the waterfront in New Zealand in 2003 and has recently been transformed using modern technologies. SHIPsys™ is a complex system but remains easy to use and contains a wealth of business intelligence. It provides seamless data transfers throughout the supply chain, rigorous validation, intelligent vessel planning and a high level of accuracy. ISO utilises shipside scanning systems, enabling our vessel managers to manage all vessel operations and audit cargo to meet customer requirements, thereby maximising the supply chain by removing hesitation and delivering an efficient, accurate service to our customers.

    ISO Stevedoring is committed to improving the total supply chain for its customers and is always looking to improve the level of services available on the New Zealand waterfront.

    Current Operations

    ISO Stevedoring currently provides complete solutions for the following commodities:

    • Pulp
    • Lumber
    • Logs
    • Kiwifruit
    • Food products
    • Palletised products
    • Containers
    • Bulk products
    • Project cargoes
    • Break-bulk and liner vessel services
    • Finished wood fibre products

    ISO provides stevedoring services from our branch offices in the following locations throughout New Zealand:

    • Marsden Point
    • Tauranga
    • Gisborne
    • Napier
    • Wellington
    • Nelson
    • Timaru
    Systems employed by ISO include:

    Quality Management

    • Detailed Customer KPI programmes
    • Detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all operations
    • Certified to ISO 9001 standard
    • Certified to ASNZS 4801 standard

    Stevedoring Systems

    • SHIPsys™ - Stowage Handling Inventory Planning System
    • RMS - Resource Management System
    • Seamless data interfaces with our customers, suppliers and other third parties


    • ISO has a range of grabs from 14m3 mechanical equipment with the Priestman Jaw Design to 18m3 motorised equipment
    • Numerous spreaders, beams and bars for loading and discharging multiple products and project cargoes
    • Multiple electric pallet trucks, electric forklifts, cages and spreaders for handling all palletised and food grade cargoes
    • Specialised log fitted excavators designed to maximise vessel stow and loading performance

    Training & Assessment

    • NZQA/OSH certified trainers and assessors training personnel on various machinery, equipment and tasks
    • Pre-employment and rigorous random Drug and Alcohol testing
    • Comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures and inductions for all operations

    Finished Products, Warehousing and Container Packing

    ISO provides bulk product marshalling, warehousing and container packing services in a number of New Zealand port locations. In New Zealand's largest port, Port of Tauranga, we operate the only privately owned warehousing on the wharf. At this location, along with other Port locations, we offer all the services required in getting bulk or containerised shipments on their way to export destinations. ISO operates a full array of modern product handling machines that are able to efficiently and carefully handle products. Our team of focused staff understand the importance of meeting shipment deadlines and have an outstanding record in this area.


    Log Marshalling

    ISO commenced log marshalling activities in 2010 with a single port 300,000 jas operation and has since grown to currently marshall many millions of jas per annum over multiple locations in multiple countries. ISO provides an extraordinarily flexible and innovative log scaling and marshalling service. Built around a philosophy of Anywhere/Anytime, ISO has developed processes and systems which allow us to commence activities in locations where there is any form of connectivity, with minimal setup time.

    ISO invests in purpose-built machinery with the key aim being maximising safety and productivity. We run an array of custom built equipment so that we are able to allocate the optimum plant for each task for our customers. ISO has revolutionised the handling of export logs in New Zealand through the investment in high productivity log trailers, specialised towing tractors, high stackers and industry leading wheeled loaders. This allows our customers' log cargoes to be stored at locations that can be well away from the berth with no impact on load rates. Our equipment ensures yard receival is handled smoothly and efficiently while always maximising the storage levels of yards which results in lower storage costs for the exporter. Come shipment time, our equipment and expert personnel consistently deliver the optimum size lifts and flow to the vessel hook thereby getting cargo on its way to market in record timeframes.

    To provide accurate and timely information that supports the marshalling operations, ISO has built its own proprietary marshalling software named LMS. Key to the software design philosophy was the need to reduce hesitation in decision making, by both operators and our clients. LMS does this through providing real-time access to data and information, irrespective of a user's location and time zone and provides custom built reports that suit each customer's needs.

    LMS is a fully faceted log inventory management system covering from log receival and log scaling, in yard management, allocation to shipping and post-allocation reconciliation. LMS includes some truly innovative features which can easily be demonstrated to potential customers.



    ISO Transport operations offer an array of haulage services. These can be incorporated within other supply chain services that ISO offers, such as warehousing and/or container packing, or can be utilised by our customers as a "stand alone" transport service. ISO is currently equipped to provide:

    • Container haulage
    • Bulk transport via flat deck and curtainsider trailers
    • Heavy haulage and low-loader transport
    • Localised log transport
    • Specialised high volume HPV services
    ISO runs a modern fleet of high payload equipment that provides efficient and safe movement of our customers' product. No job is seen as being too big or too small with one of our key strengths being our highly skilled and motivated workforce that have a "can do" attitude. This results in ISO consistently delivering transport solutions that meet our customers' requirements no matter what the supply chain challenge might be.