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ISO is focused on the development and use of technology to drive efficient and effective business practices throughout its operations. The company has a history of building and implementing leading edge technologies; from complete Stevedoring solutions to innovative use of mobile devices, wifi technologies and telecoms networks


LMS is ISO Ltd's proprietary Log Managment System. This system is currently offered as a successful SAAS world wide

An accurate log inventory management system, LMS turns packets of logs, received from bush, into individual units to be tracked through the supply chain. LMS includes three optimal applications

LMS Desktop - A desktop and tablet application that enables efficient management of logs from receival through to export. LMS desktop includes an extensive list of reports as well as inter-company communication on phyto-sanitary management.

Pre-Advice - Dockets and images are now entered into the system direct from the bush. This begins the auditable photo trail of piece counts into yard and on dispatch and eliminates errors in log counting.

LMS Online - LMS online gives LMS users the ability to view live Cart In and Stock by grade, with the ability to filter down to forest owner and search logs or dockets right from their smartphone.


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In a collaboration with Robotics Plus, ISO have implemented the world's first robotic scaling into our checkpoint operations